Saturday, July 26, 2014

Conclusion - Peradeniya eFac canteen story written by late Professor E.F. Bartholomeusz

Today we conclude "The Canteen Story" written by late Professor E.F. Bartholomeusz. Use the link below to access previously published instalments.

Part 1: Birth of an idea
Part 2: Opening moves - research and report
Part 3. The first Canteen Committee (C.C.)
Part 4: The Inner Circle
Part 5: Financial practices
Part 6: A leap forward - extension in services 

Part 7: Conclusion

Taking what at first seemed to be no more than a wild idea of young minds from null state to fruition was, to those who shared this mission, an altogether new and exhilarating experience with dimensions that far outstripped profit. It brought home to many of us the surprising invulnerability and 'power over events' bestowed on a brotherhood bonded by mutual trust, confident of its own resourcefulness and above all driven by a common vision.

To my deep regret my search for the records of these events has proved fruitless leaving me no option but to draw these recollections from a memory misted by age and time.

If only I could name each member of this selfless band of visionaries who were my companions in this adventure, I would do so now, for it is owed to them that they be neither forgotten nor unsung. It is in their name that I address the present bearers of the torch that these precursors first set alight:

"Greetings from the past. Go well!"


I would like to thank Mr. Somapala Hewavitharana, who currently lives in Perth, Australia for sending this historical account written by late Professor E.F. Bartholomeusz to eFacMemories blog.



  1. This Faculty Canteen story is a living example of achieving success through good team work, honesty, clear vision and excellent leadership. This enterprise served well for the faculty community and we all as students benefited from it immensly. Thank you for story that reminded my
    student life in the E'Fac 1972/76. Y.K.A.Yapa

  2. Leadership was given by an approachable and caring mathematician not an engineer.


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