Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Letter receieved from Ariyadasa Yapa

We have received the following letter from Peradeniya E-fac alumni Ariyadasa Yapa.

Dear blogger/ publisher,

I read through all articles published in this site with interest as an old student of the faculty.

I visited the faculty last during the inauguration of Professor Mahalingam Fund for supporting the final year student’s projects. I witnessed the slow or no progress of our oldest and prestigious academic institution for learning engineering.

I could not see or meet any member of the academic staff having the calibre even close to late Professor Bartholomeusz. I believe some of the current staff members are the student of this beloved professor.

Most of the people I met are motivated and involved in politics and not interested in academic activities.

No wonder why we are sliding down in our academic achievements and professional standards. I am very sad to see that the traitors like Con-Doctor Vickramabahu are highly decorated and recognised academics even in this blog.

Our faculty is a national treasure and the protection, promotion and preservation of its values, standards, prestige, achievements and reputation is the duty and the responsibility of all of us the past and present students.

Please do not allow to abuse the name of this institutions by unscrupulous cunning and opportunistic political animals like Bahu.

"The world is unsafe not because of handful of terrorists, but due to the silence of many good people”.

Thank you


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