Tuesday, November 3, 2015

A Professor and a Gentleman - In Memory of Professor S Mahalingam

A Professor and a Gentleman

A professor and a gentleman ‐ truly was he,
A man of true compassion ‐ who else would kinder, be?
Havin’ mastered his art with greatest passion ‐ renowned became he
In world’s great missions, ev’n a minnow ‐ who has the luck to be?

Hailing from humble origins, though ‐ with loads of determination,
Rising o’er highest mountain’s peak ‐ in the world of vibration  
Emerging from the lit’le‐known Ceylon ‐ to heights of inter‐nation
All through his hard and ethical work ‐ unmatchable imagination  

His suit, his stride, his convos or lectures – overflowing with discipline
You better not attend this don’s classes ‐ if you’re not there when they begin
One by another, ‘quations unfold ‐ always a new phenomenon
The man who bettered Holzer’s Table ‐ No more! Our hearts sadden’.

With least of his students, he willingly had ‐ his precious time to spare
Our pains, complains or things unfair ‐ with him we could always share
A generous heart full of compassion ‐ he would always care
For subject matter, his awesome passion ‐ to unspeak, who would dare?

Oh! Beautiful hills and valleys of Pera, at Hanthana's foothills,
For half century’s span, in shine or rain, as the evening unveils,
The gentle man that strolled your lanes, how sadly, do you miss?
In the presence of the Lord, eternally, May He Rest in Peace!

In Loving Memory of Prof. S Mahalingam  

Jude Parakrama Fernando – E/83 (Mechanical Engineering)
03 November 2015

Read Professor Mahalingam's memories about his early years at the Faculty of Engineering from the following page:


  1. Well written... He may never knew how much he helped to change the world through every life he touched...... E/99

  2. A fitting tribute to a wonderful human being. May he rest in peace.

  3. There are no many idols.... You are one of the few

    Manawaya E/92

  4. There are no many idols.... You are one of the few

  5. I have not seen all the following in a single package; Brilliance, Elegance, Charisma, Discipline (in all aspects), Compassion, Simplicity, Integrity, Humility, Might, Gentle Humour,...the list goes on.
    I cannot imagine a Machines Lab, Mech Department, or even an E'Fac without Prof. Mahalingam.
    May He Rest In Peace!

  6. Have heard, read about you sir... You will be missed. Rest in peace sir...

  7. A Maha(great) memory academic soul who lived for Engineering and its education only. Will be remembered by the generations of Engineers.Thiagamoorthy

  8. He was an impartial and genuine lecturer. I enjoyed his lectures. In 1993 , we staged ( E 88/89 batch) a drama “This is our Faculty” on deans day. It was about how senior lecturers interact with students. One of my friend acted like Professor Mahalingam and it was highly appreciated by our late Professor and he was in the audience. Still I can remember how he laughed. You are in my heart forever.

    Julian Mehanathan – E88/89 Batch

  9. Beautifully written tributes, every word aptly describing the many facets of this great legend. I can still remember him driving his Morris Minor at 'optimum velocity' down the campus roads, his gentle manners, impeccable dress sense, punctuality, neat hand writing and near-perfect drawings on the black board, clear lectures and lecture notes. May the good lord bless his soul rest in peace.
    Nimmi Nirmalarajan EFac 72-75 Batch


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