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Peradeniya eFac Canteen Story Continued-

Part 3 of "The Canteen Story" written by late Professor E.F. Bartholomeusz is published today. Use the link below to access previously published instalments.

Part 1: Birth of an idea
Part 2: Opening moves - research and report

Part 3. The first Canteen Committee (C.C.) - its composition and preliminary activities


The first C.C. was now formally constituted and was composed of two representatives each from the teaching staff, the laboratory staff, and the administration; one representative each from the skills division and the administrative division of the workshop and finally, student representatives comprising the three initiators of this project with a floating complement of one representative from each course-year-batch in the student body.

Preliminary activities:

In the first few meetings of the C.C. deliberations were conducted and formal decisions taken, on the following subjects:

a. objectives,

b. the duties and conditions of service of the canteen staff,

c. a duty roster for C.C. members that did not seriously interfere with their academic or official duties at the faculty,

d. structural changes within the canteen to ensure smooth flow at the service counter,

e. the purchase of stores and equipment.

Decisions on each of these subjects were taken in this sequence. Managerial and assistant canteen staff were forthwith recruited by advertisement and interview, and all appointees duly apprised of the codes of personal conduct and service expected of them. The choice of Mr Jayatileke as canteen manager turned out to be a happy one. He was young and dedicated and was soon to become a trusted associate of the committee. is leadership within the canteen was executed with courtesy and a serene authority that belied his years.

Meanwhile a sum of Rs 3,000 was drawn from University funds under the agreement, and was spent on the acquisition of the necessary cutlery and crockery (with provision for breakages of the latter), and on initial stocks of sugar, tea, cigarettes, and the like.

When all this was accomplished, and the necessary structural changes were effected, a canteen service steered by a representative committee, henceforth to be known as the Canteen committee (C. C. ) of the Faculty, was firmly in place.

To be continued- Part 4: The Inner Circle

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