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Part IV – Student clash on the final day (by Sisira Adikari)

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Part III - Aftermath of the boycott

Part IV – Student clash on the final day

For good or bad it is customary on the final day of academic year students to pitch parties especially for final years where this day is the final day of their student life. The fraction among final years was that prominent they were unable to hold a one unified party. “Pro boycotters” (minority among final years) organized a toddy party at the faculty common room while the other group had their party at the Akbar hall dining room. As I was told later (there may be different versions as to how the fight erupted) apparently couple of students who were participating at the toddy party happened to visit Akbar hall. These “pro boycotters” were confronted by a group of “anti boycotters” who were parting at the Akbar hall. The incident was being sited to “pro boycotters” at the Akbar hall and joined to support other “pro boycotters”. This apparently led to a big fight where unfortunately one student lost his eye. When I came to the Akbar hall the fight was about to over.

The big fight followed by few isolated incidents the university premises became potentially unsafe for “anti boycotters”. The engineering faculty was closed indeterminately and students were sent home.

An investigation to the incident was conducted and there were suspensions from both groups. As usual pretty apparent that suspensions were deliberately targeted on student leaders or whom the administration thought as student leaders.

I must command the student leadership: J.P.S. Weerasighe and Channa Rajanayake respectively, for the efforts they had made to dormant the clash. But unfortunately later they, together with me, were brutally targeted by the administration and suspended. It was pretty clear the only reason that I have been targeted was due to growing angry towered me among “anti boycotters” since I supported the boycott.

Lack of other allegations only charge laid down against me was alleged presence on an assault scene. Quite surprisingly not on the day of the main clash (on the 1st day at least I was there) but the following day (Saturday) at the Arunachelam hall among group of students who assaulted “Tin Ton” (I forget his real name to date).

The key witnesses against me, final year anti boycotter Kapila Weerasooriya who provided a blatant false statement mere to knock me to fulfill someone else aspirations, was “kind” enough to state that I was only presence at the scene but not physically assaulted “Tin Ton”. If the allegation levelled against me was good enough for a suspension then on that ground along fair number of students should have been suspended.

Well, that particular Saturday early morning I left the campus to conduct my weekly tuition for few young female AL students where one of these students later became my life long partner. You may imagine how important that tuition has been for me than the “student movement” if you will. All my close associates are aware that I was not at all at the scene. It was a big fat lie. On the face value the lie was able to suspend a student for couple of weeks but was able to result much more repercussions. In short lie that potentially contributed to where and who I am now.

To make the long story short subsequently an inquiry was held just for a formality. Finally I was sentenced for couple of week suspension just prior to my Final Part II examination and the suspension was suspended allowing me to sit for the examination.

- Sisira Adikari


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