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Part III : Aftermath of the boycott (by Sisira Adikari)

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Part III: Aftermath of the boycott

In my view, students’ demands were granted so comfortably due to personal conflicts between then dean of the faculty Prof. C.L.V. Jayathilake and the Electrical and Electronics department.

After the demands were granted, Prof C.L.V. Jayatilake, who signed an agreement with students granting demands, was ousted by a decision made by the Faculty Board. As a bonus to students Prof. Milton Amaratunga, who is truly a professor and a gentleman, was appointed as the new dean.

Thereafter more gentle Dr. Ekanayake became the in-charge for AE course. It was not sure Prof. Gunawardena willingly gave up AE or the subject was taken away from him. No matter what the key demand was achieved. Academic activities were continued smoothly until the very last day of the academic year.

In my view the most benefited group from the action was the long listed AE repeaters. In the subsequent AE paper most of repeaters had a rear chance to get thorough thanks to much “user friendly” paper and humane marking scheme I believe.

After the boycott whole engineering students were basically divided to two fractions - those who were with the boycott and those who were opposed. Almost all non final years with minority group of final years became “pro boycotters” and majority of final years became “anti boycotters”. I am sure there were some non final year students whose subconscious opposed the boycott but kept silent for obvious reasons.

The division was prominent among final year students where majority were “anti boycotters” and minority were “pro boycotters”.

Then there were threats and silent intimidations from each group “anti boycotters” threatening to “take care” juniors when their time come to serve as instructors where as “pro boycotters” claiming you better get through your all subjects or do not come to the faculty to repeat your exams.

- Sisira Adikari

TO BE CONTINUED with PART IV - Student clash on the final day

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