Monday, January 17, 2011

Engineering and Politics - PART 5 - By Vickramabahu Karunaratne

PART 1: Resist the Rag
PART 2: Science Faculty Days
PART 3: Confrontation with Electric Gunda
PART 4: A Marxist Wins

PART 5: Finale

In spite of, or rather because of, my commitment to the cause of the proletariat I did well in my academic work. Obviously, there was no discrimination.

Neither Paul nor Jaya nor WMG appeared to be surprised when I was placed among the first class graduates or when I was awarded a scholarship to go to Cambridge.

At first, I was not interested in going to Cambridge, the citadel of Anglo-Saxon imperialist culture.

But Bartho is not a person to be underestimated. With consistent arguments, backed by the most elementary wisdom, he convinced me that the best place to study Engineering-maths and Socialism was Cambridge.

I arrived at Cambridge expecting great intellectual debates. M.P., who was already there, met me the first day I arrived.

He came to my room, without a word opened the window, showed me the river Cam below and explained in great mathematical precision how to push a punt full of struggling females, along the river Cam, behind the backs of the Great Colleges!


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  2. I'm so disappointing with this write up. I expected a lot more from Bahu.

  3. Me too disappointed. What are those nonesense from commited politician ?


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